About me

Roberto Bez (www.robertobez.com) is a passionate Webdeveloper and TechLead at HolidayCheck. For Roberto development is not only work or a job, but a great motivation and a new challange every day. Everything new and geeky, from new web-technologies to all kind of databases – he tries to introduce it in the daily development.

Beside of that you can find him running outside in the evening or by making great mountainbike tours in the beautiful dolomites.


Like wikipedia says, a technical or technology evangelist is a person who attempts to build a critical mass of support for a given technology in order to establish it as a technical standard in a market that is subject to network effects.
At this point I expressly indicate, that this website/blog is not trying to propagate a special techology or company, nor trying to make adversiting for something, but is only based on my experience and toughts.