• enterJS 2015

    Topic: React

  • Developer Week 2013

    Topic: Architecture, Design Patterns

  • Developer Week 2013

    Topic: CQRS, Roberto Bez and Jan Fellien

  • Web Developer Conference 2013

    Topic: Responsive Webdesign

  • DotNet Developer Conference 2012

    About: Architecture.

  • DotNet Developer Conference 2012

    About: Interfaces and design patterns.

React Flux

Flux is an architecture for client-side web applications used by Facebook. Hence it is not a framework or a library that has to be implemented, but more of an addition of an unidirectional data flow to the react view components. …

React server-side rendering

As already explained in the introduction to React, React views can be rendered on the server as well as on the client. Due to the virtual DOM this isn’t even especially complex. However it becomes a bit more difficult once …

Emmet and Sublime Text

No matter what text editor is being used – the chance that there is a Emmet Pluign for that editor is quite high. If that’s the case, then you will love it! Install Emmet in SublimeText The first thing to …